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Marketplace For Investors And Entrepreneurs: At PandoraBiz.com, you can find right investor for your business and right business to invest.

Are you an entrepreneur and looking for right investor? Or Are you an investor and looking for right business or company to invest?At PandoraBiz.com, you can just register online and find the right investors or business.

How does it works?

1ST. Register Online as Investor Or Entrepreneur.
2ND. PandoraBiz.com will analyze and verify within 24 Hours.
3RD. When there is a match, PandoraBiz.com will notify both Investor and Entrepreneur and have to sign Investment Service Agreement.
4TH. After both investors and entrepreneur signs Investment Service Agreement with PandoraBiz.com, a video conference meeting is arranged for further discussion. Every terms and conditions between investor and entrepreneur is decided during video conference meeting
5TH. Investor and Entrepreneur will send their respective agreement to PandoraBiz.com. An Investment Manager will verify the agreement and get signs from respective investor and entrepreneur to close the deal. 
6TH. After signing agreements, investor will send the investment fund to PandoraBiz.com and PandoraBiz.com will safe keep the fund and provide the fund to respective entrepreneur. 

Note: If investor or entrepreneur wants to deal with each other in person then both party will visit Bhutan and close deal further under witness of Investment Manager of PandoraBiz.com.

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