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Franchise Agency: PandoraBiz.com Presents our market place for Franchisee & Franchiser.

Meaning Of Franchisee & Franchiser

Franchisee: An individual who purchases the right to operate a business under the franchisor’s name and system.


Franchisor: The parent company that allows individuals to start and run a business using its trademarks, products and processes, usually for a fee.

What is Franchisee & Franchiser Market Place of PandoraBiz.com: Franchise Agency?

PandoraBiz.com has created a marketplace where you can buy or sell franchise from all around the world securely without being the victim of SCAM or Fraud. PandoraBiz.com verifies all the franchisee and franchiser with strict protocol. 

How does it work?

1ST. Register Online
2ND. PandoraBiz.com will verify everything about Franchiser & Franchisee.
3RD. Ask additional documents if required for verification.
4TH. Analyze & Select the Best Franchiser & Franchisee who is compatible with each other. 
5TH. Ask For KYC documents from selected Franchiser & Franchisee.
6TH. Skype Call Verification with both Franchiser & Franchisee by PandoraBiz.com
7TH. Franchiser & Franchisee Signs Franchise Service Agreement with PandoraBiz.com
8TH. Franchiser & Franchisee will have video conference meeting along with Franchise Account Manager of PandoraBiz.com
9TH. If both Franchiser and Franchisee agrees every verbal terms and condition with each other during video conference meeting, Franchiser will send his/her Franchisee Model Agreement to respective Franchise Account Manager of PandoraBiz.com to verify and Franchise Account Manager of PandoraBiz.com will send it to Franchisee.
10TH. After Franchise Model Agreement is signed between Franchiser & Franchisee, Franchiser will send the legal franchise licensing to PandoraBiz.com to verify and safekeeping of behalf of Franchiser.
11TH. Franchise Account Manager will notify Franchisee about the Franchise licensing after verification and Franchisee have to provide the actual investment to PandoraBiz.com to buy franchise model licensing and safekeeping of investment on behalf of Franchisee.
12Th. When PandoraBiz.com will have legal franchise licensing and investment from Franchiser & Franchisee respectively, PandoraBiz.com will trade legal franchise licensing and investment to respective Franchiser and Franchisee.

In case both Franchiser & Franchisee want to meet in person to close the deal then both Franchiser and Franchisee have to visit PandoraBiz.com in Bhutan and deal is processed further in person under witness of Franchise Account Manager of PandoraBiz.com 

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