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Value Yourself By Pema Choki

Value Yourself By Pema Choki


No matter what, how, big or small obstacles you face, you should never give up on yourself instead take this opportunity to work for a better solution then try to fix things in the right directions. This is a world where one should take a responsibility for their life and value it.


Everyday in the morning remind yourself that you matter a lot to yourself, society and to the world as it is a great way to avoid negativity thinking about yourself and people around you and also making you to take every new step to prove yourself you can handle everything.


Always remember the word ‘value yourself’, because in this motherland you are only one who is unique, valuable and wonderful human.  Think positive to value yourself as it will make you to happen the things in a positive way and have a healthy body-healthy mind and happy life.


Once you value yourself you can make decisions confidently without worrying about anything because you believe in yourself that you can be able to do it. You know what? Just keep everything aside and value yourself because no matter what world thinks about you, you will naturally find all good in yourself. As well based on your self value it informs the world about the way you communicate our thoughts, words and actions that we do in our daily life.


Someone just threw the money on the ground where by people started to rush towards it, again that same money he scrambled and threw on the ground, still then people did the same. But this time same money scrambled with his feet thinking people might not rush to pick that but no they still rushed. Like that how money is given an importance or they have valued the money, you should also value yourself more than the money.


Valuing yourself means spending time and money on the very important person in your life that is you (yourself). People says that they want to help their parents but the question here is do you really value yourself? Because until you value yourself it is pretty sure that you won’t be able to help them even how much you wanted to.


Some great people say that you should value yourself by not comparing yourself with others because from the day you start to compare, naturally you want what others have, eat, and dresses until you have it or you are satisfied.  You compare your beauty with others and most likely you happened to look ugly it is not because you are really ugly instead it is because you don’t believe in yourself, you don’t love yourself and you don’t care yourself that’s why you start to hate yourself without even realizing how much you are really worthy.


And don’t worry about being accepted by others, don’t be fake be real, who you are, how you are and what you have been, because yourself is the only one with whom you have to spent time together forever. Really doesn’t matter how people thinks about you as long as you have a feeling that you are a good person who deserves to be treated with respect.


Learn to value yourself because once you start to value yourself, you will fall in love with every decision you make. You will become someone that you wanted to become which will bring you infinite happiness. And to value yourself help others, when you help others is a great way to build our relationship as well as to build yourself worthy because somehow it makes you realize how valuable you are to help them.




Value Yourself By Pema Choki

And always start appreciating yourself for whatever, the way you dress, the food you eat, the bed you sleep, the house you stay, the salary you get and the friends you have. And learn to say no to bad things even if your close friends want you to do it for her/him.

So many people want to become somebody who is not themselves by birth and that builds too many desires, at some point they are not able to fulfil that and that makes them feel losers, unsuccessful and insecure which is going to affect in their life leading it to bring many problems to themselves only.

So, it’s always better to value yourself, love yourself and staying as a successful person in your life. And I want to convey message for those, who haven’t started to value yourself till now, start valuing yourself and stay healthy.






As saying “if you don’t value yourself, don’t expect others to value you”, based on this if you don’t value yourself and fail to love yourself, you will end up landing on nowhere. You will rarely succeed in every decision you take. You will hate for being yourself and sometimes that person is more likely to suffer from mental issues out of depression. And of course, people around you are going to gossip bad things about you, they will ignore you, they will not believe in the words that came from you because they know you won’t stand up for yourself and being ignored mentally kills you inside deeply.


If you want to adjust in the society then start to value yourself, love the way who you are and more importantly take care of your health as health is wealth.  I am saying you no matter how problems arise to you; the only way is to fight back and to prove that you exist in this unpredictable world.


Be brave, intelligent and loyal person after valuing yourself. Then only people around you will respect for who you are. Not only that you can teach people around you how to lead a successful life by valuing one self. People are more attracted by the good deeds done by you rather than they have done to you.

Most of the time people look down on you no matter how much you are really good in reality, the way for this is just ignore and led your own life. Because some people are being jealous of you and they don’t want to see you becoming a successful person.

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