Story Of Creation Of: PandoraBiz.com

Story Of Creation Of: PandoraBiz.com

Story Of Creation Of PandoraBiz.com

When I first started my first business, it was real tough to let other know the existence of my business. I tried to make some deals with call centers from worldwide to generate leads for my business, I bought some leads from lead vendors or provider from worldwide and bought some website traffic ads and made some deals with ad agencies worldwide but all was not worth as expected. My business was falling apart every seconds and I was falling apart too with anxiety and depression. On top of that I was scammed by some people after I bought their false services which were promising; I lost lots of money and hope. I belong to a middle class family, could not afford more so I decided to give up when everyone told me to give up too. I was final year college dropout and I did not see any ways to get out from this situation of failure.

I was all alone and no one was there to support me or guide me and I was totally devastated, in that moment I decided to pray to God. I prayed on my knees and tears drops were falling down. I prayed saying- ” Please at least give me one sale so I can pay some bills and dues of loan. Show me a sign to whether continue the business or give up. If you want me to do business and not give up then give me at least one sale or I don’t know what I will do.”

I still remember, right after 3 days on Sunday after praying I got 1 sale worth of $1,800 USD from which I paid $700 USD to a call center based in Pakistan as their commission as promised. Right from that moment I got all the answers of my questions of failures. I promised to myself that I will never give up in my life. Since my situation still not financially stable, I started to boost my mind with more knowledge and strategies to make it stable so firstly I applied to many job openings/vacancies. I said to myself that I can do any job just to pay my bills and dues of loan. I was rejected multiple times and one of the common reasons said by interviewer was-  ” I was overqualified. “

It was hard for me to understand what it meant when I was pressured by the due dates of bills and loan repayment. One day morning, after I applied a job in a hotel in Thimphu, Bhutan I met a very good friend of mine and asked me, what I am doing with files in my hands and I said, ” I am looking for a job to stable my current situation and finish what I started with my business after some time. “ My friend said, ” hey I just met with a business owner and he is looking for a Customer Relationship Manager and I feel you fit right in there. “ My friend called the business owner and scheduled an interview for me. Without wasting time, I prepared everything for the interview and I met the business owner. After 30 minutes of interview I got the Job and the business owner said, you can join from tomorrow but I said, ” Apologies Sir but I want to join right away without wasting time. “ 

I worked as Restaurant Manager in that 3 stars tourist restaurant for 7 months, learned a lots of things about restaurant business and about customers. I started to do lots of research in all the businesses and how it is connected to each others. Compared local, national and international markets. Filled up every loop holes and got every piece of the puzzles of my failures. I started my new job as Production Manager in one of the international movie production with the help of my other good friend who told me I fit right in with my capabilities. She taught me  lot more again about life. I also did another job as part-time in one of the Foreign Direct Invested Company from Australia as Marketing Manager, the company belongs to a friend of mine who is originally from Australia and met him when I was working as Restaurant Manager. He believed in me about my business and decided to work together in my project.

Time went by, movie production was about to start but I had to leave Thimphu, Bhutan and not allowed to do Job in private sector because legally I still did not get my Citizen ID Card. One of the immigration officers in Phuentsholing said, I was not allowed to stay in Thimphu, Bhutan for more than 7 days and not even allowed to do job in whole Bhutan according to my current Citizenship status.  I was feeling shocked because I did not know about such rules. I was taken to meet Regional Director of the Immigration Office and he said he was sorry and he can’t help me more but only give 7 days route permit without any extension so I can sort out everything about my Job as Production Manager and Marketing Manager. I was sad and felt lost again, I had to do what I have to. I handed over my job and came back to Phuentsholing, Bhutan and stayed with my parents but still I did not give up. I started to promote myself and the services which I was capable to provide to my clients. That time I met a Doctor from Mumbai, India and other people from USA, Canada and Australia. I helped them to do successful business and have successful life with my mentoring, coaching and advising services. I am still helping the Doctor though because he is special.

I started to earn little by little to pay my bills and dues. That time I met some businessmen from Kolkata, I did business with them and earn little more so I can save and provide to my family and others who needed. After 7 months I stopped business with them too and then decided to produce my new business module. After all my experiences and knowledge which I gathered so far since 2012, I gave my heart and soul to create my new business module which is PandoraBiz.com. That’s the whole story of creation of PandoraBiz.com

Still lot to learn and will try to give the best services to my clients and users with PandoraBiz.com.

There are no any shortcuts to achieve goals in our life and it is not possible to achieve all the goals but there are 4 important things to achieve goals that are Plan it, Do it and Get result, if you don’t get result then learn from it and Plan it Again, Do it Again and Get Result Which You Want.  The Process Goes on and on until you achieve your goals but to go on you need NEVER GIVING UP MINDSET & PATIENT.

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