The HOTTEST FUNDING Program we have come across in over 20+ Years in the Funding Industry that can Help the MILLIONS of Property Owners  Nationwide get Funding:
  • If you’ve been Turned Down for a Refi “Cash Out” Loan due to NO to Insufficient Income AND/OR BAD Credit!!!
  • If you can NO Longer can Afford to make  the Monthly Loan Payments but does NOT want to Lose the Property to the  Lender/Bank! You Can get Cash to take care of Various Bills/Expenses  and we can Help you Generate Passive Income to Help make you Monthly Payments – Pay their Bills – and Beat the  Scary and Out of Control Inflation!!
  • Property is in Pre-Foreclosure,  Foreclosure Status etc. This is FAR Better than doing a Short Sale since it may take Months to Locate a Qualified Buyer whose Offer than Needs to be Approved by the Lender/Bank in order to Purchase the Property and as a result the Property Owner can run the Risk of Losing the Property to the Bank – OUCH! We can provide the Property Owner Get Funding in  48 HOURS (NOT a Typo!!) to get Caught Up with their Bills/Expenses and  we Will Help you Take some of the Cash and Help you Create Passive Income Stay Financially afloat essentially Bailing you Out of the Financial Mess you may be in at the Moment!!!
  • You are going through Financial Crisis  due to the Pandemic and Loss your Job or your Business when Bankrupt or Just Need Funding for an Investment and/or Business Opportunity ASAP.  Our Funder will Fund & Close these Deals in 48 SHORT HOURS  rather you have little to No Income – – Horrible Credit – NO Credit or a COMBINATION thereof!!! Try that with ANY Lender in the U.S.!!

Here is an Overview of the Criteria and How this POWERFUL & EXCITING Program Works...

  • Available for Owner Occupied Residential Properties, Farmland & Vacant Land in ALL 50 States!! Property can be Owned by an Individual or Business (e.g LLC, Corp)
  • 50% or More Equity in Property is Needed to Qualify. Also Total Past due Taxes and Mortgages is Fine as long it’s Less than 50% of Equity in Property.
    Example: $100K Property Value and $40K Mortgage Balance, $10K Pas Due Taxes and Mortgage means there is $50K in Equity which the Difference of the Mortgage Loan Balance Owed to the Lender and Current Value of the Property.
  • Property Owner can have BOTH – NO Income AND/OR BAD Credit!!! This is UNHEARD of in the Financing Industry!!
  • Our Funder will Buy the Property for 50%  of the Value and Lease the Property Back to the Owner at Typically  Below Market Rent and the Property Owner will have the Option to either A. Buy Back the Property for 75% of its Value or B. Sell the Property to Pay off the Funder at 75% of the Current Value.

  • Investor/Buyer CANNOT Sell the Property while Property is Under the Lease Contract which Protects the Original Property Owner

  • Lease will automatically auto renew every 12 months with a yearly rent increase of 2.5% per year…up to a maximum total term of 10 years
  • Liens, taxes, judgements, mortgages, that are on the title will be paid off at closing
  • Title Insurance is Required
  • Since the Investor will own the property the renter will NOT have to worry about paying property taxes or insurance!
  • Client will be Funded in Just 48 SHORT HOURS which is the FASTEST Funding we have EVER Heard of in nearly 30 LONG Years of doing ALL Things Funding!!
  • All that is Needed to Fund the Property  Owner in 48 Short Hours is their Full Legal Name, Best Phone# – Best  Days and Times to reach them (Fill up the online form below) and the Schedule of Real Estate Owned Form (Will be emailed to your provided email address in the contact form) to be Completed or you can download it (attached below) and email it to us at [email protected] Click On FILE Below to Download the Schedule Of Real Estate Owned Form but you still need to fill up our online contact form below.

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