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Samsung Cloth Dryer and Sanitizer (DF60R8600CG)


  • Capacity: Jacket 3 + Pants 3 (jacket 5 + pant 2)
  • JetSteam : uses the powerful jet air system to sanitize and refresh your clothes
  • Deodorizing Filter : captures & removed odor-causing gases on clothes and keeps them fresh
  • HeatPump Drying : uses cooler temperatures to dry clothes, reducing damage and shrinkage
  • Display Type: touch, LCD, smart control(Wi-Fi enabled)
  • Wrinkle care: get neater clothes without hassle of ironing
  • Dehumidification : removes moisture from the air and protect clothes, ensures they smell fresh
  • Delivery may apply according to the location
  • Also deals in wholesale. For more information on wholesale, contact us @+975 17329316

*Minimum quantity for wholesale: 10Nos*

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