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Haier 651 Litres, Inverter French Door Smart Refrigerator (HRB-758SIKGU1)


  • Android Based: Enhance the cooling and chilling for your food with the advanced android based smart refrigerator. Have access to all the preferred features and keep a bird’s eye view of all the items kept inside.
  • Music & Video: Refrigerate your food while grooving to your favorite playlist. Enjoy songs or videos with high quality built-in speakers. Haier welcomes you to the more sprawling and perplexing world of smart refrigerators.
  • Smart Preservation: Smart preservation feature helps in slowing down the activity of bacteria and maintains ideal environment for your food. It keeps food at optimum temperature so that it stays fresh and flavours intact!
  • Smart Interaction: Enjoy a really smart and effective way to interact by looking up online recipes, schedules, voice notes and photos with an inbuilt android hi-tech refrigerator. Introducing flexible user-controlled cooling options, and the ability to interact with its features using your smartphone or tablet when away from home.
  • Human Induction: Offering inherent hi-intellect human induction sensors with the digitized touch screen. When it senses human presence, it automatically light ups the display and log
  • Twin Inverter Technology
  • T-ABT Technology: Advanced Anti-bacterial technology helps by sensing the ideal condition for preserving food and keeps it hygienically safe and fresh by eliminating bacteria growth.
  • Free delivery [within Bhutan]
  • Also deals in wholesale. For more information on wholesale, contact us @+97517329316

*Minimum quantity for wholesale: 10Nos*

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