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Canon EF100mm f/2.8L Macro IS USM


  • Canon EF100mm f/2.8L Macro IS USM
  • Compatibility: all EOS Series like Canon EOS 1D, Canon EOS 5D, Canon EOS C , Canon EOS Rebel series & Canon ME200S-SH
  • 100 millimeter focal length and 1:2.8 maximum aperture. The EF1.4X II; EF2X II extenders cannot be used with this lens. There are no compatible close-up lenses
  • Lens construction consists of 15 elements in 12 groups
  • 23.4-Degree diagonal angle of view
  • Inner focusing system with USM and full-time manual focus option. Closest focusing distance 0.99 feet; 0.3 meter (maximum close-up magnification: 1x)
  • 67 millimeter filter size. Filter Size: 58 millimeter. Lens hood: ET-73
  • Compatible with 67 millimeter filters
  • Canon’s first mid-telephoto macro “L” series lens to include Canon’s sophisticated Image Stabilization
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