How PandoraBiz Is Helping Local And International Businesses During COVID

Overview And Reviews About PandoraBiz.com

How PandoraBiz Is Helping Local And International Businesses During COVID

1ST: Let us understand what is PandoraBiz.com?

PandoraBiz.com is Bhutan’s & World’s 1st cheapest and best online advertising platform where we not only advertise, market, brand and promote businesses but we sell the products and services of our clients in just couple of clicks in locally and internationally.

PandoraBiz.com have all the business solutions which is required by every businesses especially start-up, small and medium businesses. You can learn more about PandoraBiz.com Click HERE

PandoraBiz.com services are for every businesses based in Bhutan & International. 

2ND: What PandoraBiz.com do for Businesses?

PandoraBiz.com does following:-
  1. Business Listing: Anyone who have legit business can register their business and create a company profile. We have 3 levels of verification so only genuine business owners can list their businesses so its SCAM FREE.
    Example, This is how business/company profile of Bhutan Tyre Center of Phuentsholing- Bhutan, looks like after business listing, Click HERE
  2. After Business Listing, We publish ads in our website: We create banner ads, pop up ads, video ads and phone ads about our clients in our site.
    Example, explore our website and you will see some ads popping up and published.
  3. Products & Service Listing: We list/upload the products and services of our clients in our online shop/store and sell it on behalf of our client.
    Example, This is how the products and services looks like after listed/uploaded in our online shop/store, Click HERE
  4. In-House SEO (Search Engine Optimization): After business listing and products/services listing in our online shop/store, we do in- house SEO which will help business, products and services show up in search result of search engine like Google, Yandex and Bing. 
    Example, Type Bantawa Restaurant and Cafe In Google Search and see it yourself.
  5. Email Marketing: We send email about our client’s business, products and services directly into the inbox of our subscribers and website visitors.
  6. Featured Display Of Business: We display the business of our client as verified and featured which gets more attentions from our trusted subscribers and website visitors from around the world.
  7. Blog Promotion: We write the blogs about our client’s business, products and services highlighting vital points and make it viral and get more brand awareness.
    Example, read one of the blog promotion of our client Bantawa Restaurant & Cafe.
  8. Processing Loans For Citizens Of America & Canada: We have 100+ investors, lenders, banks and financial institutes from all 50 States of United States and from worldwide as our funding partners so we help processing personal, business and real estate funding.
    Example, click here to know MORE.
  9. Technology Services: We do provide website development, mobile app development, software development, graphics design and domain & hosting services for all the businesses based worldwide.
    Example, to know more click HERE.
  10. Market Place For Investors & Entrepreneur: In our marketplace, we connect the right investors to the right entrepreneur. To learn more, Click HERE.
  11. market Place For Franchisee & Franchiser: In our marketplace we connect the right franchisee to right franchiser. To learn more, Click HERE.
  12. Custom Branding: If you want to brand your business in whole India then we have over 200,000 media platform. To lean more, Click HERE.
  13. Cover Story Of Entrepreneur: We cover the story of entrepreneur journey of any entrepreneur who want us to cover for FREE. To learn more, Click HERE.
  14. SpotLight: If anyone have talent or great story to share to the world for FREE, we help make it viral in couple of clicks. To learn more, Click HERE.
  15. Debt Collection Service: Its only for our businesses based in Bhutan at the moment. We collect the debt or credit which is owes by respective clients or customers. To learn more, Click HERE.
  16. Report & Verify SCAM: If you are victim of SCAM and wants to share your story to the world and protect them or if you are trying to do some business with someone or company but you are not sure whether that person or company is genuine or not then we will verify on behalf of you for FREE because we have SCAM specialist with 9 years of expertise. To lean more, Click HERE.

Last: How PandoraBiz.com is helping businesses of local and interntional during COVID-19?

We are giving FREE 3 Months Advertising Grant for all the businesses based in Bhutan & International. 

We provide all the services of advertising as mentioned above. To register and learn more about our FREE 3 Months Advertising Grant Program, Click HERE.

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