Epic 50 FAQs About Bhutan For Tourists

Epic 50 FAQs About Bhutan For Tourists

FAQs About Bhutan For Tourists visiting Bhutan

FAQs About Bhutan For Tourist
Map of Bhutan

Bhutan is located between India and China but its a landlocked country and world’s last shangrila. 

Bhutan is known for its unharmed nature and intact cultural heritage preserved by a tourism policy as unique as its traditions.

Yes like any other country, except citizens from India, Bangladesh and Maldives, all other visitors require a visa to enter Bhutan.

Your visa will be managed by us. We will need a clear scanned copy of your passport photo page.

A visa costs $40 for the visitor which is already included in your package cost. Extra charges are applied for the extension of visa.

The easiest way to get into Bhutan is to get a flight. Bhutan has flights from Bangkok, Singapore, Kathmandu, Delhi and some cities in India. For people from India, there are three border crossings.

The best time to visit Bhutan is between September to November when the days are clear and the weather is also pleasant. Another good time is from March to May due to the blooming flowers between the green forests.

Your passport to get the visa stamped on Paro Airport and a printed copy of visa confirmation letter which you need to show at the airport.

Druk Air allows 20 kilos of checked baggage. Only one piece of hand baggage is allowed as these planes are quite small. Excess baggage charges will be applied if the baggage exceeds 20 kilos.

Your package includes 3 star accommodation, food, a travel guide, permits and taxes, transportation within the country and a sustainable development fee of $65 for free education and health service of people.

Yes, you can have a private tour. We arrange private tours on the basis of your demands.

Yes, you can customize your tour or itinerary but make sure to inform your guide beforehand so that they can manage everything for you.

They use comfortable, clean and well maintained 4WD car or Hiace. If you’re not comfortable with your vehicle, you can ask us to change it.

It’s better to book as early as you can so that you can get more options on the departure dates. For more advantages, book as fast as you can.

You can have the local meals of Bhutan. Restaurants in Bhutan also serve Indian, Chinese and Continental food. The local food is usually spicy.

We generally advise you not to drink tap water and whenever you want to drink tap water, make sure to bring water purifier with you.

Yes, you can get altitude sickness regardless your age or fitness. It’s better to stay hydrated and acclimatize whenever your body needs.

No special vaccination is required in Bhutan but just make sure you’re up-to-date with your regular vaccination.

Bhutanese currency is Ngultrum (Nu). They also accept Indian rupees lesser than 500. American dollars are also accepted.

Cards are accepted in few major handicraft shops and large hotels in Thimphu. You’re levied 5% to 7% charge.

ATMs in Bhutan use magnetic strips rather than digital chips. Some foreign banks do not allow withdrawal from ATM and government periodically bans it to control fraud.

Yes, Bhutan is a safe country even for solo female travelers and families with kids.

Hotels in Bhutan provide you adequate facilities. There a 3 star, 4 star and 5 star hotels having private bathroom and hot water.

The standard voltage is 230 V and frequency is 50 Hz. The plugs that can be used are Type D, F and G.

The hotels provide Wi-Fi while there are few internet cafes.

Each trekker is limited to 15 kg of baggage as a horse/yak can carry only 30 kgs. Baggage of two people is to be carried by 1 horse/yak.

You can bring all your trekking gears but if you don’t want to, it’s ok. There are trekking shop where you can buy what you require.

Bhutan has the same time zone throughout the country. It is 6 hours ahead of GMT, 30 minutes ahead India and 15 minutes ahead of Nepal. It is 14 hours ahead of Pacific Time.

You can carry up to 200 pieces after paying duties for it but still you can only light cigarettes in private zones like room or residence. Smoking in public places or offices may cost you 3 months of jail as it is a crime in Bhutan.

It is a government regulation that you need to book your tour before arrival through a licensed tour operator certified by Tourism Council of Bhutan.

There is no limit on the number of tourists that can enter Bhutan each year but government of Bhutan follow: Low Volume, High Value.

Yes, English is spoken in Bhutan being the medium of instructions in schools. Government letters and road signs are written both in English and Dzongkha.

Most of the Bhutanese speaks Hindi & Nepali too.

Visitors are required to buy a daily minimum package of $200 during low season and $250 during high season.

Now for Indian Tourist, Rs./Nu. 12,000 per day per person.

Bhutan has visited 274,097 visitors in 2018 with a growth rate of 7.61%.

Bhutan has ‘High Value, Low Impact’ tourism policy to preserve its cultural heritages and environment. Thus, with a high rate, it welcomes responsible travelers and few visitors. That’s why Bhutan is expensive.

Yes, Indian citizens do not require a visa to enter Bhutan but Indian Tourist have to pay Nu./Rs.1,200 per day per person to government according to new tourism policy.

You can take a flight from Bagdogra, Delhi or Kolkata. You can also travel in a car to one of the border crossings. They are Phuentsholing, Samdrup Jongkhar, and Gelephu.

You can take a direct flight from Tribhuwan International Airport, Kathmandu to Paro Airport.

No, Bhutan is not a part of India. Bhutan is a landlocked country between India and China but not under India.

No, there is no US embassy in Bhutan as there is no formal diplomatic relation established between the two countries. Still, they enjoy a nice and warm relation through the US embassy in Delhi.

You are required to send a clear scanned copy of your passport photo page to your tour operator and pay the amount for a visa. You’ll be sent a visa confirmation letter which is to be shown at Paro Airport.

It surely might be more expensive than other South Asian country but it isn’t hard to visit Bhutan. Even if you question the price of Bhutan, we’re sure you’ll realize that Bhutan is worth it after visiting.

Bhutan’s economy is the smallest in the world but to your great surprise, it has the second- fastest growing economy of the world.

As mentioned before, Bhutan is an independent country headed by the King and obviously not a part of Nepal.

Your tariff includes 3-star accommodation, food, transportation in Bhutan and guide. It also pays for free education and health service to the people.

Expect your Bhutan visa only 10 to 3 days prior to your arrival in Bhutan. Print it out so that you can present it at the airport.

Spirit: 1 liter. Cigarettes- 200 sticks or cigar-30 sticks. (This stuff are subjected to 100% sales tax and 100% customs duty.)

The most celebrated Tshechus (festivals) in Bhutan are Paro Tshechu, Thimphu Tshechu, Punakha Tshechu, etc. Other festivals include Black-necked crane festival and Rhododendron Festival.

Present king His Majesty Jigme Khesar Namgyel Wangchuck heads the kingdom of Bhutan with his son Jigme Namgyel Wangchuck as his heir apparent.

The population of Bhutan as of 2019 is 826,814.

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