Epic Facts About Being In Quarantine

Facts About Being In Quarantine

Epic Facts About Being In Quarantine

Facts About Being In Quarantine: Stay Home, Stay Safe

Epic Facts About Being In Quarantine
Epic Facts About Being In Quarantine By PandoraBiz.com

A safe haven was and is always being talked about and initiated globally, in order to protect every individual. And it is the universal law that gives everyone their freedom of right. So, this year, 2020 has been crucial on preventing and caring for oneself through the agreement of staying home which basically means the places are being locked down for days and months. We being a part of social animal, we know how much we love to be together. But this time, we are facing a challenge of staying home and most of us feel uneasy being home like 24*7 for months.

Well, we all are aware of the terms and conditions of social distancing and what to do and what not to. And I hope this might help you a little bit while staying home.

If you have a family, that’s better and bitter at the same hour. Because errands have to be done, children need attention and working from home might be a little harder than it used to be. You might as well have financial problems. Albeit these pressures, if you could without hesitation take this to your heart and adapt with it, it will be just beautiful.

You should also realize that this time, you don’t have to move outside which means save the extra budget. And you get to spent time with your beloved ones, it never was a necessity to guide children on their studies unless homeschooling them. In fact, we teach and learn with them. This brings forth a charm to engage in studies, paintings, games, etc., instead of spending a lonely time on phone screen.

Apart from these things, you could even exercise, pray and share family time unlike the usual time. Of course, our generations are not interested in field works for instance planting flowers are not everyone’s passion or hobby, but grooming some could definitely bring joy and immense warmth among your family members.

For those, who are alone and miles away from home and to the quarantined people; it’s not depression and anxiety to build in. It’s the other way around, social media is one platform to keep oneself active but it becomes lame and mundane. Well if you could consider on self-reflection this could make you feel boosted along with jotting down new wish list that you want to be and want to do. Also, train your subconscious mind as our conscious mind will respond to you in a positive manner.

Keeping the chores aside, greeting your neighbors and knowing them could make you feel good. Plus, don’t forget to do some stretching if you are not an exercise or gym person. Read some books if you don’t have one, download e-book and read. This magnifies our imagination. Do you know when you are alone, you can also scribble on paper and this might help others like you who are home quarantined.

Have you read a novel “The Pilgrimage”? You should because there you will know the value of being born new again. Just like the author has mentioned practice the Speed Exercise, stop counting the days and looking at time desperately.

The paramount note:

Take your meals on time

Drink lots of water/lemon water, hot or luke warm not cold water

Always be excited about small things

You staying home means a lot to the world Don’t you worry because we are humans, after all we survive the hardest fall.

Was the article useful for you or not? Please comment below, what do you think and feel, share your perception.

By Rebekah Rai

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