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Affiliate marketing program of pandorabiz.com

Training Program Highlights

With the Vision to make Everyone life better by earning  through affiliate marketing , PandoraBiz.com have come up with a training program to make all the interested candidates an successful Affiliate Marketer
Trainee shall be selected through first come first bases. so be swift 
Training will be conducted every Saturday from 6 PM to 8 PM in Google Meet.
If you don’t have Google Meet App , for phones you can download  it through Google Play store or simply click the ” For Mobile User ” mention below
And for Pc users , you can join the training through Google meet web, all you need to do it to copy and paste the meeting link provided by us. click the “For Pc users” to be directed to the google meet .
The training will be conducted by Mr. Sandeep Rai Chamling who is the CEO, Mentor, Founder and Advisor Of PandoraBiz.com. All the employees of the PandoraBiz.com was train by him. Some as website manager and some as the Social media manager. He also have trained numerous people in other different fields too. 
To know more about Affiliate marketing and earning through it, you can watch the video below or scroll little bit below 


Video Tutorial About How You CAN Actually EARN Commissions With PandoraBiz.com Affiliate Marketing Program: Work Online From Anywhere Just Using Your Phone + Internet

For Our Affiliate Marketers

Earn 3% Commission for each sale made.

  • You can sell any products or services which are available online from our online shop and earn 3% commission
  • You can sell our online advertising service monthly subscription and earn 3% commission.
  • You can keep track of your referrals and commissions with complete transparency features and tools directly from your account dashboard online
  • Your commissions are paid directly into your bank account securely without any mediator when you reach the minimum withdrawal threshold which is Nu. 7,000+ which is equal to $100 USD (7,000 Divided By Nu. 70 Flat rate and that’s not based on Bank)
  • We will train, teach, coach and mentor you to earn with us using our platform. 
  • You are boss of your own. 
  • You are not the employee of PandoraBiz.com but just an affiliate
  • You can work anytime and anywhere just using your phone + internet
  • You simply need to share your affiliate url/link in social media platform like Facebook, YouTube, Snapchat, Instagram and so on. Someone clicks on it and purchase products or services from our website/platform you will earn 3% commission of that sale.
  • Register> Promote> Earn
  • If you did not make $100 USD threshold commission this month, it will be added in next month along with the commission you make next month and when you earn minimum threshold commission $100 USD then you will get the direct cheque or transfer into your bank account. For example, if you make $50 USD on February and it will add on to next month on March and when you make another $50 USD on March then total your commission is minimum threshold which is $100 USD so you are eligible for receiving your commission/income in your bank account.

Affiliate Marketer – A person who join in Affiliate Marketing Program and earn commission given/provided/offered by PandoraBiz.com for the referrals (sales generated).

Affiliate Marketing Program – A marketing arrangement by which PandoraBiz.com pays commission to an external website or a person for traffic or sales generated from its referrals.

Lifetime cookies affiliate programs offer cookie lengths with no expiration date up to 100 years. Meaning, if someone clicks on your affiliate link and buys products or services from the PandoraBiz.com website for up to 100 years, you will still receive a commission. However, if your referral removes the cookie from their browser (clearing cookies), the lifetime cookie no longer works.

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