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Just fill up your information and create your account. 

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After creating account by default you will be FREE Subscriber and from there you can register yourself As Business Owner or As Affiliate Marketer or As Independent Business Manager. 

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Comparison With Other Companies

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Comparison between PandoraBiz.com and Other Advertising, Branding, Promotion and Business Solutions Companies

PandoraBiz.com: Advertising Company In Bhutan

  • Fixed Prices Per Month. For Example, We Have most reasonable prices with only $99.99 USD (Nu. 6,999.3) per month which includes-
      >FREE Account
      >FREE Company Profile (Business name, Contact number, contact email, company photo/logo, company address, about company)
      >Review Features
      >Advertisement Tools
      >Direct Client Contact Tools
      >FREE Blog Promotion
      >FREE Unlimited Jobs & Ads Posting
      >FREE In-House SEO Search Engine Optimization
      >FREE Products & Services Listing In Our Online Store/Shop
      >Many More
    So unlimited branding of your business profile and website for fixed cost per month.
  • Effective Advertising Forms to generate direct sales into your business without wasting time on follow up or calls or in emails.
      1st advertise
      2nd clients will directly reach you with our Direct Client Contact Tools
      3rd Convert into actual sale directly into your business from clients
  • Any level of business owners can use our services because we want you to earn income for your business even if you are running just a simple and small business
  • Have ANTI-SCAM & ANTI-Fraud features for secure business with anyone worldwide. Your sensitive info is only with us.
  • Provides business funding as an angel investor to those business owners/entrepreneurs who deserve and need. (Initially only for the people of Bhutan at the moment but our mission is to provide business funding worldwide in any time soon)
  • Other Advertising Companies

    • Have PPC/ PTC (Pay Per Click/Pay To Click) which cost up to minimum of $0.01 USD per click For example, 10,000 Clicks Per Month on your business website will cost you $100 USD Per Month so more the clicks more the cost with no any guarantee of sales.
    • Long process of sales into your business like
        1st advertise
        2nd generate leads
        3rd reach to clients over calls and email
        4th do follow ups, finally convert into actual sale from clients.
    • They target big companies(clients) who can pay high fees or charges or prices for their services
    • Chances of losing your sensitive info to the third party which leads to SCAM or Fraud in later future
    • No any Other Advertising, Branding, Promotion and Business Solutions Companies provide business funding for the business owners and entrepreneurs like we do.

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    Why PandoraBiz.com: Advertising Company In Bhutan?

    Its all about right decision

    Following mentioned below explains why You Need PandraBiz.com

    Brand Your Business| Do Business| Secure Your Business

    For Our Clients (Business Owners)

    1. Direct sales is generated without SEO (Search Engine Optimization) because we have our own in-house SEO features in online subscription plans.
    2. Your clients can directly reach you anytime without wasting time on follow ups and lead generations.
    3. Our high quality advertising throughout the site in various forms will help you in branding, promotion and generating direct sales into your businesses
      If you don’t have a website but you have a legit business then PandoraBiz.com is here for you and your business
    4. We will provide funding as an Angel Investor for those who are in need for their business (Only for Bhutan Initially but worldwide funding is our mission because we know there are potential Business Owners/Entrepreneurs who wants to do great for the world)
    5. You can sell your products/services by creating your own online store.

    For Our Guest Users/Visitors/Subscribers

    1. Our ANTI-SCAM & ANTI-Fraud features will help you do business with legit businesses registered with us without feeling insecure
    2. 99% of business industry is accepted with us so you can stop by anytime and do business with any business industry with our direct chat tools without wasting your time in calling or in emails
    3. You will find all the required details of the registered businesses not only phone number or emails or website for your verification
    4. If any registered businesses SCAM you then we can help you get back what is yours. Reach us any time for us to help you
    5. Do business worldwide (directly with the registered businesses) in few clicks without wasting time in calls or in email and without feeling insecure.
    6. You can do online shopping

    For Our Affiliate Marketers & Independent Business Managers 

    1. Earn 8% Commission for each referral sale
    2. Apply for Independent Business Manager and get certified with us, also get life-time license to manage your own client’s (Business Owner’s) businesses on behalf of them using our platform, features and tools, in return you can charge them your desired fees or charges
    3. You can keep track of your referrals and commissions with complete transparency features and tools directly from your account
    4. Your commissions are paid directly into your bank account securely without any mediator
    5. We will train, teach, coach and mentor you to earn with us using our platform
    6. We have extra bonuses like cash, trip, merchandise and lot more

    For Our Clients (Business Owners)

    Catalog of Our Business Services

    We provide high quality advertising throughout the site in various forms. Check below to see all your options to advertise any business or product!

    Your Own Online Store

    You can create your own online store and list all your products/services and sell it online worldwide.

    Featured Ads

    Your businesses or products are featured with our recommendation to the users and consumers with highlights. If clicked by users and consumers then they are directly directed to your business profile and do business with you directly without any mediator.

    In-House SEO

    We make sure your company account created with us is visible to public in search engines like google, bing and yandex with our in-house SEO (Search Engine Optimization). Also your listed products and services in our online shop are also found in google, bing and yandex with our in-house SEO.

    Email Marketing Ads

    We will send emails to registered users and consumers with highlighted ads. If clicked by users and consumers then they are directly directed to your business profile and do business with you directly without any mediator.

    Dedicated Social Media Manager

    1 Dedicated Social Media Manager is appointed for managing all of your business social media accounts who will be responsible for posting unlimited ads like posters, banners and animated videos and also providing customer support to your customers and focus on selling your products or services.

    Blossom Billboard Commercial Ads

    We promote your businesses, products and services with commercial ads in digital HD TV which we have installed in public area.

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    We are Proud of our numbers below.

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    Advertising Company Of Bhutan And World at pandorabiz.com

    Advertising Company Of Bhutan

    Advertising Company Of Bhutan : PandoraBiz.com is one of the cheapest and best online and offline advertising company or agency in whole Bhutan and World. Advertising Company Of Bhutan : We would like to take this opportunity to introduce with ...

    Story Of Creation Of: PandoraBiz.com

    ...I worked as Restaurant Manager in that 3 stars tourist restaurant for 7 months, learned a lots of things about restaurant business and about customers. I started to do lots of research in all the businesses and how it is connected to each ...

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