7 Key Differences Between Genuine Business And Scam

7 Key Differences Between Genuine Business And Scam

7 key differences between genuine business and scam

If I count the whole world ratio, approximately 1 out of 1000 people are being scammed each second using internet and there are roughly 90% internet users online every time. Lots of us use internet for many reasons like business, research, work, networking, connecting, making better community, and so on but there is always a loop hole or drawback of using internet. As we all know, every advantage have disadvantage and nothing is perfect. Every single internet user is target of scammer, some turn into victim and some are always protected.

Here are the 7 key differences between genuine business and scam:-

1. Transaction of Money:

There is always a unique and professional form of transaction of your money when you pay for services or product to a company. Focus more on the mode of payment and payment being made tools and process. A genuine business always have their own payment gateway system attached/integrated in their official business website where a client have to put the card details or bank account details into their website and pay online but remember not every website is genuine again. I will write my next article on the difference between genuine website and Scam website so stay connected with us by subscribing, click here to subscribe:Here

2. Official Website:

Genuine registered business always have their official website online available for everyone in public but only few are genuine website. Genuine website is always up to date with their content or terms of service or privacy policy and most importantly copy right.

3. Corporate Email:

Genuine registered business always have genuine corporate website which is directly connected to the domain name of the business official website for example, our official site is PandoraBiz.com and our general inquiry corporate email is [email protected]
This is for all the business owners who is doing genuine business but don’t have corporate email of your own, I suggest you to get your own corporate email. Your growth of income or sales depends on it because not every client are same and accept your free email address like gmail, yahoo, hotmail, outlook, live, so on.

4.Genuine business never force the client:

Did you recently talked with someone over phone or chat or email forcing you to take their product or services? If you did then it’s time to stay as far away as possible by just ignoring them or best blocking them and most best by reporting them to us. To report about any business or person from the globe to us click here:Here
We make sure your report is heard and visible to the world so no one could be victim of scam or fraud activities.

5.Transparency of business SOP (Standard Operating Procedure):

Genuine businesses always have transparency for the clients on how they are provide their products or services and most importantly how they earn income for example, PandoraBiz.com is a platform for business owners to brand, advertise, promote and market their business worldwide so direct sales is generated without any mediator and PandoraBiz.com is a platform where anyone from the globe can securely do business with genuine businesses only because at PandoraBiz.com, we have 3 level of verifications where every business owner s and their businesses has to go through to be accepted by us in our directory. So PandoraBiz.com earns income by providing multiple online services for branding, advertising, promoting and direct generating sales for business owners and the businesses.

6. Ad of business in porn website:

Genuine businesses never give advertisement in pornography website and most of the ads found in pornography website is not genuine in fact it is the most easiest way of taking all of your confidential information like credit/debit card details or bank account details and next day you will see your hard earned money saved is gone. We suggest you not to give any of your confidential information, not even your real name, date of birth, address, phone number and email.

7. Genuine businesses always use right legit marketing channel or platform:

Most of the business owners are so confused about marketing their business because they are afraid whether, this marketing company or agency is the right one or not in terms of effectiveness of ad, cost, genuineness and profitable. While choosing the right one, business owners lose their precious time and income that’s why PandoraBiz.com is created to make sure, you get everything in very reasonable price with effective ads which brings lots of profit in only genuine way. Click here to know more about how our online marketing services can give you all that for your business and for you:Here

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