1ST Social Networking Company Of Bhutan

1st social networking company of bhutan

1ST Social Networking Company Of Bhutan

Bhutan's 1ST Social Networking Company! And Its FREE

We are proud to present, PandoraBiz.com is now Bhutan's 1ST Social Networking Company.

Following are the features & tool you get on our social networking website when you use:-

(A) For Our Subscriber-
1. Send friend request to anyone who is online and build your friend-list
2. You can Chat with anyone online (1 To 1 In Private)
3. You can Chat with community group online (1 To Many In Private)
4. You can create public or private community groups as admin so you can invite or delete the group members
5. Upload or post media files like photos/videos/music
6. Update or post news on your timeline wall or public news feed
7. See or view who liked and comment on your post
8. Reply to every comment on your post or news
9. Search And Directly chat with your desired business registered with us (Every business registered with us are verified by 3 level of verification so it is completely secure from SCAMMERS)
10. Our security are strong so any hacker who is hacking into our platform, it will be traced and blocked automatically.
11. Shop any products and services which are listed in our online shop/store (No need to worry about SCAM and Fraud)
12. Advertise your ad about your rental/educational/buy/sell/lost and found directly in community groups and news feed for FREE
13. As our affiliate you can Work from home or anywhere online and earn commissions for selling our monthly online subscriptions to business owners based in Bhutan or international.
14. Not need to worry about not receiving products or services purchased from our online shop/store because we verify every products and services of the business registered with us.
15. If you are good in marketing, As our Independent Business Manager (IBM) you can represent and manage your client’s business/company profile and get paid from your clients for your service using our platform.
16. You can report or verify any SCAMMERS or Hackers with us for FREE because we have SCAM specialists with 9 Years of expertise so you are always protected by PandoraBiz.com from SCAM and Hacking.
17. Find or search for any secured jobs which are posted by businesses/companies registered with us.
18. If you need, We will consult you on your career or any business idea and provide your the right solutions. 
19. If you need, We also help in personal development mindset so your future is secured.
20. You can submit your talented videos/story/poem/blog/article and we will make it viral for FREE on our SpotLight.
(B) For Business Owners/Companies-
1. If you want us to advertise and brand your business in our platform, you just need to purchase our monthly online subscription depending on your need so we have total of 5 Subscriptions (1 FREE and 4 Paid) [We have all the necessary types of advertisement features and services which is required by every business and comparing to the whole local and international market, we are world’s cheapest and best online and offline advertising platform]
2. You can sell your products and services directly to the your customers or to our website visitors or to our subscribers so no any fraud or scam buyers, only confirmed orders and legit/genuine buyers for you.
3. We take care of your orders and make sure you get the payment from customer instantly and easily which means, any customer can directly pay the payment using their mobile banking app or credit/debit card from our online shop/store.
4. We bring all the users from Google, Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, LinkedIn and Bing to our platform for you which means you don’t have to worry about not getting any customers/clients.
5. You don’t need to hire any marketing person because we have all types of proven solutions for advertising, branding, marketing and promoting.
6. If you want to brand your business in whole India then we have over 200,000 media platforms.
7. We connect right investors and entrepreneurs in our marketplace
8. We connect right franchisee and franchiser in our marketplace
9. We provide financial services for people of United States and Canada
10. We will not only advertise but sale your products and services online.
11. Even you can earn commissions for referring other business owners.
12. You will get clients from local and international so no need to search anywhere which will save lots of your precious time and money.
13. Post the ads of job vacancy in your company/business and get qualified and desired candidates.
14. We also provide technology services like website development, software development, mobile app development, graphic design and domain & hosting for your business. 
15. We also provide debt/credit collection services for local Bhutanese companies which will save lots of your precious time and money.
16. We also have business consulting services and we help you operate your business successfully. 
17. We also create professional business plan or proposal to apply for loan or to present to your investor. 

If you have any questions please directly chat with our online agent from our website. Or drop us your inquiries in by filling up our online contact form.

What do you like the most about our services? Please comment below and also share it to your social media account because someone might need our services. 

If you want to know more about how we are helping local and international businesses during COVID19, CLICK HERE.

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